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The Year 2015

25.11.2015 // BVB Network Conference 2015
The project group, represented by Julia Alexandra Goltz (KOBV) and Markus Putnings (FAU), presents the project idea and initial work attempts to a wide audience.

13.10.2015 // The federal state of Berlin passes an Open-Access-Strategy
The Open Access working group led by Prof. Martin Grötschel (formerly ZIB-, now BBAW president) developed an open-access strategy paper, which is of interest for the Deep Green project. In the meeting of the Berlin parliment on the 13th October 2015 this paper is passed (Link). Berlin now wants to significantly expand free access to digital knowledge resources and therby following relevant national and international initiatives. The term Open Access is defined more broadly in the Berlin strategy than in comparable strategy papers: It includes not only scientific publications, but also includes free access to research data and digital culture data. Also noteworthy are the infrastructure recommendations included in the strategy: a) further development of the national repositories infrastructure for publications and research data, b) audit of central or cooperatively operated services for digital preservation, c) construction of a research data center Digital Humanities in Berlin.

18.09.2015 // Kickoff-Meeting with project participants
In mid-September, representatives of all the project participating institutions come together in Berlin. A total of six institutions are involved in the project: The KOBV (as project manager and technical developers), the BVB and the BSB due to their high knowledge of Allianz licenses and electronic publications, the FAU as project idea developer and operator of an OPUS 4-repository, the TUB as an operator of a dSpace repository and the Helmholtz Open Science coordination office at the German Research Centre for Geosciences as OA expert, multiplier and operator of an eSciDoc repository. The task force agrees on an official start of the project in the first quarter of 2016 by then already some work (notably the work packages 1 and 2) will be started. Thus, the communication with the publishers Karger and Sage is reinforced and extended to other publishers and the collection of information on available metadata and technical interfaces with the participating publishers and beyond are started.

29.06.2015 // KOBV Discussion Forum 2015
Julia Alexandra Goltz (employee of KOBV) takes part in a Minute Madness: She summarizes the project idea for a wide audience in in 90 seconds.

27.04.2015 // Letter of Intent from Sage Publications
The anglo american publisher Sage Publications confirms with a Letter of Intent the planned collaboration with the DeepGreen Project. The letter is passed on to the DFG office.

30.03.2015 // Letter of Intent from Karger
The Austrian pulbisher Karger confirms with a Letter of Intent the planned collaboration with the DeepGreen Project. The letter is passed on to the DFG office.