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The Year 2017

14.11.2017 // Öffentlicher DeepGreen-Workshop, Technische Universität Berlin
At the end of the first funding period the project partners of DeepGreen (BSB, BVB, FAU, GFZ, KOBV, TU Berlin) hosted a workshop for publishers, repositories and other parties of the German information infrastructure. More than 100 participants attended the workshop. After the keynote speech by Beate Rusch (KOBV) and Hildegard Schäffler (BSB), two panel discussions by representatives of publishers and repositories followed, discussing possible future perspectives of the DeepGreen project.

10.07.2017 // 15. KOBV-Forum 2017, Zuse Institute Berlin
Julia Goltz (KOBV) reported about the current state of the DeepGreen project and presented the functions of the DeepGreen router using screenshots. She briefly touched on possible future expansions of the project, given that the DFG continues to fund the project. The slides were published on KOBV’s homepage:

30.05 – 02.06.2017 // 106. Deutscher Bibliothekartag, Frankfurt (Main)
Deepgreen presented at this years conference with several contributions. Beate Rusch (KOBV) and Juergen Christof (TU Berlin) had an interesting discussion on the idea of open access strategies and policies, and mentioned the project within this context. Julia Alexandra Goltz (KOBV) answered all questions about DeepGreen during the poster sessions (the poster will be published soon at the BIB repository ). Heinz Pampel (GFZ) gave a short report on the project at the open session of the DINI working group Electronic Publishing. During the well-attended OPUS 4 user workshop, Julia Goltz had a 10-minute talk on the subject of data import in Opus 4 with SWORD using the example of the DeepGreen (slides will also be available soon at the BIB repository ).

21. – 22.03.2017 // Open Science Conference, Berlin
Julia Alexandra Goltz (KOBV) and Kaja Scheliga (GFZ) presented the project to the participants of the Open Science Conference with a lightning talk during a lunch poster session. Open Science Radio also interviewed Julia Goltz (KOBV) during this session. You can listen to it here.

17.01.2017 // DeepGreen Project Meeting
The second meeting of all project participants took place in Munich at the Bavarian State Library. The meeting focused on evaluating the first, successfully completed year of DeepGreen. Together, the participants discussed achieved and future milestones and scheduled the tasks for 2017.