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The Year 2019

06.09.2019 // 37th ASpB meeting
At the 37th symposium of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Spezialbibliotheken e.V.” (ASpB), 4-6.09.2019 in Frankfurt am Main, we are represented with the lecture “DeepGreen – The Green Sauce Delivery Service”. The speaker is Markus Putnings (FAU).

26.06.2019 // LIBER
From the 26th to the 28th of June, the 48th LIBER Conference took place in Dublin / Ireland. The two speakers Beate Rusch (KOBV) and Hildegard Schäffler (BSB) gave the lecture “DeepGreen – Open Access Transformation” there

12.06.2019 // Open Repositories
During the “Open Repositories” conference from 10 to 13 June in Hamburg, we were represented in the session “Green Roads to Open Access”. Our lecture “DeepGreen – Pushing on the Green Road of Open Access” was held by Eike Wannick (GFZ) and Julia Boltze (KOBV).

07.05.2019 // ELAG 2019
At the ELAG, which was hosted by the KOBV this year, interested parties were introduced to DeepGreen during a boot camp. Speakers were Thomas Dierkes and Julia Alexandra Goltz-Fellgiebel

19.03.2019 // German Library Day 2019
This year’s library day took place in Leipzig (18.-21.03.2019), DeepGreen was present with a hands-on lab and an accompanying lecture.
Hands-on Lab: “Open Access Transformation in Action – DeepGreen for Users and Operators of Institutional Repositories”, speakers: Thomas Dierkes, Julia Boltze, Julia Goltz-Fellgiebel, Cornelia Hoffmann,
Lecture with Thomas Dierkes, Julia Boltze, Julia Goltz-Fellgiebel.

12.02.2019 // 6th RepManNet meeting,
The Network for Repository Managers (RepManNet) is an association of people from institutions all over Austria, who look after a repository and want to exchange experiences, challenges and special topics with others. At the meeting in the University Library Vienna, DeepGreen was present with the lecture: “DeepGreen as an automatic article distribution system: A model also for Austria?”, speakers: Beate Rusch (KOBV), Thomas Dierkes (KOBV), Hedda Staub (BSB).