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Additional licensing models


This work package aims at incorporating other licensing models in DeepGreen, in addition to the Alliance licenses already implemented. The exact terms, conditions, and requirements for these new licenses will be established and, as a practical result, possible new publishers are enquired about DeepGreen.

All licensing models involved are limited to the German publishing market. A European solution is (still) out of scope of DeepGreen.  Possible new licensing models that might be supported additionally by DeepGreen can be listed as follows:

Consortium agreements without green open access

Multiple consortium agreements – national as well as regional – seem not to encompass explicitly green open access rights. In such cases, it will be evaluated if standard policies of publishers will allow DeepGreen for making pre- and post-prints openly available and if publishers are able to provide them at large scale. In a first step, consortia will be contacted in order to review the current situation and a dialog with selected publishers will be initiated.

Licenses for current research information systems (CRIS)

Similar to Alliance licenses, guidelines for CRIS licenses recommend to include comprehensive green open access components in all negotiations leading to these license agreements. Several DeepGreen project partners, including the Bavarian State Library, the university library Erlangen-Nuremberg and GFZ Potsdam, all operating CRIS on their behalf. Based on their experiences it will be analysed how DeepGreen might also include CRIS licenses into its services. Eventually, relevant publishers are invited to actively contribute with respect to this kind of licenses to the success of DeepGreen.

Open access journals

Open access journals – commonly coined as gold open access – might also, actively or passively, provide DeepGreen with publications that are eligible to distribution free of charge to openly available repositories. Terms and conditions of such journals will be examined in detail. A letter of intent by MDPI (, a publisher following the gold open access model, indicated that there might be indeed great interest in cooperation within this business sector.

Offset agreements

Offset agreements are gaining more and more importance, allowing institutions not only the use of publications of cooperating publishers but also open up the possibility to publish in hybrid or gold open access. The main goal of those agreements is the promotion of open access transformation. With DEAL ( and the „Open access transformation agreements”-call by the German Research Foundation (DFG)[1], there are two DFG-funded programmes in Germany both in which DeepGreen might play an important role.

A workshop on this offset topic will be held to find possible ways how to incorporate best any offset agreements in DeepGreen. It will also be considered if DeepGreen can make use of the “UK Scholarly Communications Licence” (UK-SCL) – by which institutions fully reserve their right to publish accepted and reviewed manuscripts freely available under a creative commons license.


Expected Outcome

Incorporating other licensing models opens DeepGreen as a central transfer service in Germany for even more publications. There is a two-fold goal: firstly, to get an overview of the current status quo and, secondly, to initiate talks and negotiations between repositories and publishers on these special license issues, in particular within the context of disciplinary repositories and CRIS. Last not least, within the current funding period, one (or more!) additional publisher(s) shall agree on continuous cooperation with DeepGreen.











[1] foerderangebote/transformationsvertraege/index.html (german)