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Business plan and mode of operation


The aim of the second funding period is to develop a self-sustaining business plan for DeepGreen as a national notification service which provides automated and timely information on open access-enabled, published scientific articles (in Germany). To this end, the business plan has also to include all legal aspects of the special relationships between publishers, open access repositories and DeepGreen itself to ensure hence a reliable legal basis for the regular productive routing of open access publications by DeepGreen.

This work package will provide all preliminary steps needed for the successful transition towards a permanent DeepGreen service. Following closely similar projects (e.g. Jisc Publications Router), a careful analytic evaluation will

  • establish the definition of essential management processes and identify corresponding responsibilities among all acting parties,
  • list all important workflows to incorporate,
  • ensure the financial sustainability and guarantee the legal reliability of the DeepGreen service.

It will be discussed if it makes sense to distribute management and/or technical tasks among different institutions. Finally, contracts of collaborations with both publishers and repositories, to the best of the project’s knowledge now, will be based on individually arranged agreements. As potential pilot partners the publishers S. Karger AG (, Sage Publications (, Walter de Gruyter ( and BMJ ( have all signed letters of intent.

Expected outcome

The expected outcome is a management concept that is ready to implement, including comprehensive legal frameworks for publishers, repositories and current research information systems (CRIS). A permanent productive national service will be established by making long-term agreements between publishers and DeepGreen.

At the end of the funding period DeepGreen will start a nationwide available pilot service, with a strong focus on Allianz licences.