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Further repositories and databases


This work package is aiming at a wider scope of DeepGreen provided that it will be possible to integrate disciplinary repositories and current research information systems (CRIS) into the DeepGreen workflow.

It will be investigated if there are additional, both technical and executive, requirements for such repositories and information systems and, in consequence, if DeepGreen could be adapted to these requirements. Furthermore, it is planned to include a variety of licensing models on top to the currently working Allianz licences.

A key issue, among others, is to identify exactly the elements in the metadata delivered by publishers which allow for a classification of the publications with respect to disciplines and subjects. To begin with, data already available from the case of the Allianz licences will be analysed. Next, as a guideline, results of other projects are taken, including:

  • “The automatic classification toolbox for Digital Libraries” [1]
  • „Integration of open access publications into researchers work environment, primarily disciplinary repositories and databases.“ [2]

In cooperation with repositories and databases of various disciplines, a deep and thorough evaluation will determine all requirements that will be needed for a successful data processing by DeepGreen.  Repositories and CRIS that have already agreed upon cooperation with DeepGreen for an initial pilot service, include (additionally to the BSB repositories):


Repositories (discipline)
  • EconStor (Economy) [3]
  • <intR>² (Law) [4]
  • peDOCS (Educational science)[5]
  • SSOAR (Social science) [6]
  • GEO-LEO e-docs (Geoscience) [7]
Current research information systems
  • Leibniz University Hannover (TIB)
  • University Bielefeld

The workflows developed hereby will be documented by use cases.

Expected outcome


The results of this work package will be published; critical issues on the data processing step will be discussed and, eventually, taken as a guideline for future license negotiations.



[2]    (german)