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Communication with publishers

In cooperation with the pilot publishers a framework for an optimized, systematic retrieval of relevant publications from the publishers’ servers will be created. The starting point for this are the already existing Allianz and national licenses, which have speical rights for Open Access, but not a method of how to exercise these rights.

Sage Publications (Link) and Karger (Link) could already be won as partners for this project. The agreement includes intensive dialogue over technical and organizational possibilities of the data delivery by the publishers.

With these and further pilot publishers methods will be developed, how the number of publications from German authors in authorized publically funded scientific institutions can be identified, assigned to the relevant institutions and delivired with the appropriate metadata. There is a possibility to make use of already established methods of data delivery such as Europe PMC or SCOAP3. It can be assumed, that metadata of publishers especially concerning affiliations between institutions and authors is not optimal or consistently standardized. Which is why digressions in the area of integrity should be expected and accepted, since extensive adjustments are not realistic on the publishers’ side.

The accomplished goals will then be implemented in a sample contract with the pilot publishers, which will be created as part of the work package. These will be applied in the context of the negotiations of Allianz-Licenses, but can also apply outside this specific context.