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Overall Workflow

Using specific use cases (User Stories) of repository providers who are part of the project, practical workflows for DeepGreen will be developed. For the technical implementation a flow chart is being developed.

A key issue is the rights management. A process for all parties must be found which documents which library has retrieved which documents.
These informations facilitate the work for the library, and contribute substantially to the desired transparency for publishers and sponsors. The library in question can ideally reduce the selected, relevant (new) articles by the ones already retrieved. The concepts for data checking and validation are an integral part for a trustful cooperation with publishers. When which data is to be shared with whom, will be made trasparent by modeling. In addition, all other workflows will be mapped, for example, the design for the acquisition by the publishers and the transfer to the repositories. According to a prototypical development with a flexible approach requirement description and software implementation will follow simultaneously.

From the perspective of library repositories the import process must be modeled. This raises the question of how to find existing publications (preprints / metadata) and how to merge them with the appropriate commercial publications.