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Technical Prototype

In close relation with the development of a metadata schema and the overall workflow is the creation of a technical prototype. The development is based on agile principles parallel to the creation of the requirements.

In principle, no new software will be developed during this project, instead existing open source software will be used and adapted.

This is why the technical prototype will be developed on the basis of the open source code of the JISC Publications Router. This router which is being developed in Great Britain is pursuing similar goals as the DeepGreen Project.

The development initially has a publisher based perspective – Import of metadata and full-text (including any data validation and authorization mechanisms) – and in the second step, the delivery of data and files to the participating repositories. In the exchange with the publishing partners (simultaneously to Europe PMC and SCOAP3) different delivery routes must probably be provided, as well as taking necessary extensions for each receiving repositories into consideration. An agile, test-driven development approach that fits the existing KOBV development infrastructure is being favoured.

The technical architecture will be developed in three versions (prototype version 1 with the basic technical building blocks; prototype version 2 including extensions and interfaces; after tests with the repositories prototype version 3 will be available).