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Application Test

The concept for handing over the metadata and documents to the institutions are to be realised and tested. The handing and taking over should be divided into three steps:

At the beginning, the data, which can be transfered the respective institutions, needs to be identified, meaning data that has been handed over by publishers and for which the instutions own the corresponding rights. Subsequently the institutions need to discern which datasets already exist and which ones will be taken in. If necessary, during this step, metadata and the publishers’ version can be added to existing preprints and source references can be linked to existing publications. The last step involves adding the data to not yet available publications in the repository, while being carefull that they are assigned correctly inside the targeted repository and making a manual control possible.

While the first step of the data identfication can be realised by DeepGreen, the following steps require appropriate extensions of the repository software (DSpace, OPUS4, eSciDoc/PubMan), which will be implemented during the project. Extensions and documentations will be made availbe on common plattforms, e.g. Github.