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Collection of Key Figures

Verifiable key figures will showcase the success of the DeepGreen project after its completion.

1. Criteria for success concerning the publishers: Since a publisher can end their cooperation prematurely, negotiations with other publishers are ongoing, to ensure that at the end of the project at least 2 publishers have been part of the project and are willing to participate in the subsequent phase.

2. Criteria for success concerning the amount of delivered Allianz-License publications: A majority of the journal articles under the Allianz-License has been transferred from the publishers to DeepGreen.

3. Criteria for success concerning the delivery to institutional repositories for testing purposes: 85% of the articles delivered to DeepGreen (see criteria #2), with authors affiliated with one of the following institutions: FAU Erlangen-N├╝rnberg, TU-Berlin and GFZ Potsdam, have been transferred into their associated repositories.

Lastly the transferability of the DeepGreen project into other contexts will be tested:

The focus is especially on the transferability with consortium agreements outside the DFG funding. Negotiations over subsequent publications are, in some cases, already happening in the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher, ├ľsterreichischer und Schweizer Konsortien (GASCO) represented buying groups. DeepGreen can point to courses of actions for this and present a technical and organisational solution for a optimized use of subsequent publications. The transferability of the developed workflows beyond the narrow context of already negotiated Allianz-Licenses can also be used as a benchmark criteria.